Workshop avec Scott Johnson : Illuminate Your Practice 5 Day Immersion 

Du mercredi 6 au dimanche 10 décembre 2023

For many of us our yoga practice is deeply important. 
All of us have a personal reason as to why we step on a mat or a cushion. Why we learn to breathe deeper and why we explore moving with more freedom. 
The ancient teachings share that practice is cultivated for a long time and without interruption, yet to do so with enthusiasm and with reverence.
When we are reminded of these principles can we look again at the process of yoga we have undertaken in our own lives? How has the practice unfolded itself in us over time? Has its fruits landed with patience? Importantly, can we see the kind of awareness we have brought, that we bring, to our practice? 
The way we practice is so important. If we practice with that sense of enthusiasm and reverence a new, more open approach to our practice is possible. 
Whoever you are, whatever you bring, this Mysore Yoga immersion will shine a light on your practice. It will illuminate what’s coming up and help you to explore different ways of moving through it. Whether you are working with an injury, feel a little stuck in your practice or feel like you’re flying this immersion will meet you where your are. 
This immersion is for all practitioners, whether beginner or advanced, to discover their own way of practicing this profound system of yoga.
Scott will draw on his 18 years of experience teaching Mysore style Ashtanga Yoga and Mindfulness to shine a light on your yoga practice and help you discover something fresh…

The immersion will include:

  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Pranayama/breathing techniques
  • Ashtanga yoga – Self practice and guided classes
  • Chanting
  • Philosophy
  • Movement technique and theory

What you will gain from the immersion:
Over the intensive you will gain insight into your own patterns of practice and how to move in your own unique way. If working with pain or injuries there will be fresh light on how to alleviate and work with these issues. We will use the wider context of anatomy, mindfulness and philosophy to see how we can notice things in a fresh way. This will also help you to see the practice of yoga in a wider context to your life

Programme :

Mercredi à Dimanche :

6h30-9h00 : Mysore (mercredi, jeudi, vendredi)
9h00-11h30 : Mysore (samedi et dimanche)

Vendredi :
18.00-19.30 : The Practice Of Letting Go

The thread that runs through the yoga sutra is the principle of practice and letting go. This opening Friday night workshop will look at the principles of this element of the philosophy of yoga and will see where we are holding patterns and how we can use our practice to begin to realise them. 

Samedi  : 
13.00-15.00 : Feeling In To The Hips

The practice of yoga asks us to feel deeply in to the body and listen. We are constantly learning to notice new ways to be in touch with what’s going on within us. 
The Ashtanga Yoga practice places emphasis on particular ways of noticing the body, the articulation of the hip joint being prominent. 
In this workshop we will look at the patterns of the hip not only as a general movement principal but also as a unique and personal process of holding patterns that we can let go of. We will look at how the hip opening patterns of the primary and intermediate series ask us to listen deeper to what’s going on in the whole body, not just the hips…

Dimanche : 
13.00-15.00 : Front Body Opening

There is so much we bring to the practice of backbending. It has such a deep place in the scope of asana practice and can challenge us in many, many ways. Is it possible that we can bring a new lens to how we see the patterns that hold us?
This workshop will shed light on what can get in the way when we move into any backbending asana. We will connect deeply into our own backbend journey and then discover the unique patterns that hold us, playing with new patterns that can help us find more freedom of movement and space in any backbending position we try. 
We will be left seeing that to move back, is to really just open ourselves up…

My Yoga Shala – 15 Bd Vauban – Marseille 6e

Tarifs  :

Workshop complet : 280€  – Early Bird 250€ (jusqu’au 5 octobre) 
Mysore : 35€
Workshop : 40€

Les inscriptions pour le stage entier seront prioritaires.

Réservation et règlement :

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